Spectral Horse No. 6 Out Now

Our latest chapbook in the Spectral Horse poetry series is now out, and available on Amazon.

Spectral Horse Poems No. 6

Spectral Horse No. 6

Where generations meet, conflict is sure to follow and so it is when two vampires, one father, one son, reunite in the ancient crypt that spawned them both. Read the full tale in The Vampire’s Lament, a verse novella in 41 stanzas. Long lyric poems will also explore the state of Rome both before and after the resurrection, and Mary’s response to the life and crucifixion of her son. Shorter verse charts the possible geometry and mathematics of God, the married life, and the dependability of old hats. Murder also makes a brief appearance.

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New Chapbooks

We’ve been busy the last few months with our chapbook series Spectral Horse Poems. Here are the latest, packed full of lyric and narrative verse. For those who love traditional rhyme and meter.

Spectral Horse Poems No. 5

Spectral Horse No. 5

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Spectral Horse Poems No. 4

Spectral Horse No. 4

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Spectral Horse Poems No. 3

Spectral Horse No. 3

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New Chapbook Series

Our new chapbook series, Spectral Horse Poems, has hit the ground running, and now has two numbers under its belt.

This series will be ongoing, to be published when the latest poems are ready to appear in print. Topics as always will include the supernatural: God, his mortal and immortal servants, and implacable enemies, as well as topics more quotidian and mundane. The style of these poems will continue in a traditional direction, with rhyme and regular rhythm, in addition to blank verse for narrative selections.

The publication schedule of Spectral horse will be irregular, so please keeps your eyes here for the latest news on their arrival. Our current numbers are now available at your favourite ebook retailers.

Spectral Horse First Installments

Spectral Horse Poems No. 2

Spectral Horse No. 2

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Spectral Horse Poems No. 1

Spectral Horse No. 2

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