Spectral Horse No. 6: An Excerpt

Mary and the Son of Man

God the Father, God the Son,
God the everlasting One,
But I see you most of all,
As the boy who mother called.

Though the angel came to say
You would be our Christ one day,
Long years had passed, that a dream
Your manger birth to me seemed.

Living with us in the house,
With your father, he my spouse,
Who adopted and scolded you:
As our baby we you knew.

Even James, who shared your chores,
And in the night heard your snores:
You, a playmate, he recalls,
In the street, bouncing a ball.

Son of Man, and brother too,
Learning child who pictures drew
Of the beasts who walk our Land,
Beasts produced by that same hand.


(The rest of this poem is to be found in Spectral Horse Poems No. 6).