Spectral Horse No. 4: An Excerpt

Moral Clarity

There’s autumn leaf in summer, buds among the snow,
Green fields have birds deserted for the dusty row.
Alligator’s vigil foot and fish will not budge,
While self-pity papers print, taunted by a grudge.
Confusèd be the beast: bring stones unto the queen,
No more are facts reported, or congruence seen.
Half a day herd turtles spend helpless on their backs,
While unread the lesson slips from the hand that’s slack.
But with love, like dogging ducks, the mind imprints thee,
And I brood, am I still, the man I was to be?
O that gulf of youth behind lately it beguiles,
When your eyes their magic cast with a witch’s style;
Away from paths never true, the dead to us call,
Where we kiss in shadow of the old crooked wall.