Poems For Ocean

Alexander's Men

I know he sleeps, but let us praise
The man who gilded all our days,
Reflecting on us godly worth:
No greater man has walked the earth.

I know he sweats, but let me say
With him we’ve marched since Philip’s day:
First in Greece, then with him foremost
To battles far beyond our coasts.

I know he sighs, but let me show
What we his camp-mates ever know:
To be as heroes he us called,
And him the bravest one of all.

I know he tosses and he turns,
Break down the wall, let those who yearn
Into the regal chamber troop,
And one last time before him stoop.

I know he stares, and speakest not,
But still his eyes I see burn hot
With pride to see us, men of steel,
Who with him Asia made to kneel.

I know he dies, and far from home,
While we to verge of Ocean roamed.
But here he planted town and field,
Where plough in place of sword we wield.

I know we weep, and him adored
We watch into the ether soar.
But all is Greek, where once he walked,
And always will they of him talk.