Spectral Horse Poems No. 6


Where generations meet, conflict is sure to follow and so it is when two vampires, one father, one son, reunite in the ancient crypt that spawned them both. Read the full tale in The Vampire’s Lament, a verse novella in 41 stanzas. Long lyric poems will also explore the state of Rome both before and after the resurrection, and Mary’s response to the life and crucifixion of her son. Shorter verse charts the possible geometry and mathematics of God, the married life, and the dependability of old hats. Murder also makes a brief appearance.

No. 6 in the Spectral Horse chapbook series from Simon Pole, author of The Saga of Terminal City.

Poems Included

The Vampire’s Lament
Rome Grew Ready
Mary and The Son of Man
Old Hat
In The Vanguard
God the Future, God the Past
The Married Life


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