Second Spring: An Epic Verse Novel

The Saga of Terminal City No. 7


When the fearless, the friendless, and the fiendish converge all at once on the island of the apocalypse, what will happen? Find out, along with the last of the Poor Shepherds, in Second Spring.


Our tale draws to its close, as the angels,
ex and new, to the Island make their way,
where, in ruins of clownish peoples past,
the final confrontation is begun.
A race will there be of enslaved half-men,
in tinkered cage, by rebel dentist made,
seed soldiers of the lost hero-brother,
and too, enforced work fields with stationed guard.
From the sea, by the lady pirate led,
with her consort, will come cloned twin-plant men,
themselves disturbers of buried clown tech.
Yet, evil actors too their parts shall play:
he of the grooved skull, and lobed lab lurkers
who in bunker keeps the two-headed Beast,
that which will mirrored Satan reunite.
In orbit, massed Hell must war-craft disgorge
onto summits where converge the parties,
and there, in disturbance of what long slept,
the first Poor Shepherd will both rise and rest,
his sepulchre revolving city streets,
a mobile base, as time marches forthwith
to the end long foretold in prophecy,
while skinless, street-beaten men drum us out.


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