Martian Nights: An Epic Verse Novel

The Saga of Terminal City No. 3


Many are the secrets hidden in the Martian dirt. What happens when they are unleashed on an unsuspecting Earth? Find out, along with the Poor Shepherds, in Martian Nights.


When on the surface of the Martian world,
under the weight of Time's crusty mantle,
in the red dirt, living ice is dug up,
what confusion it promulgates on Earth.
Of the many orders of cell-bound life,
green plant, wily animal and proud man,
a vying begins for supremacy,
and sanctity, in Terminal City.
The rich politic that sent men to Mars,
and returned them home, exploited will be
by amoebic Doc Plankton, with teams of
conscripted actors and fading starlets,
in contest with crooks for hire, including
a renegade super-fascist police chief,
while opposed they are by Anarchists two,
and the first appearance of Poor Shepherd,
and jet pilot, Kat Vitko, whose husband
at the pinnacle of the effort sits,
to lose or save the civic web of life.
Immigrants, idjits and iconoclasts
also colour the scene, as endless are
dire secrets disclosed by the Martian dust,
and offered to uncomprehending Earth.


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