Hometown Hero: An Epic Verse Novel

The Saga of Terminal City No. 2


The one horse town of Crummburg is marked for destruction by resentful native sons. Can vacationing ex-angel Robert Hunger stop the evil, and save the innocent, before the clock strikes doom?


Even angels must take a holiday.
To Crummburg, incestuous little town,
goes Robert Hunger, its veins depleted
of founding gold; now reduced to begging
worldly star, Walter Wisdom, to perform,
native son who nurses simmering grudge.
Simmers also subterranean strain
of evil, logs laid down long time ago.
There crashes too mysterious vessel
of another world, unknown rendezvous
to keep from murder-dealing hill-top camp.
In town below, the players assume parts:
Dr. Daphne Sporg, experimenter
in surgery. Ernie Doomstamp, the creep,
and unlikely idol of film, worldwide.
Staunch alliance of stout mechanics there is,
whose beloved pet, Trilby Stash, must contend
with admirers of demonic intent.
Even the heavenly host, looking down,
may intervene in final judgement sprung.
Will latent evil and death's dormant deeds
condemn the whole, or, will some righteous few
remain to broadcast warnings to the world?


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