Friends Fall Out: An Epic Verse Novel

The Saga of Terminal City No. 1


Ex-angel Robert Hunger is on the trail of a ruthless rock band with plans to enslave Terminal City. Who is their mysterious funder, and why do they desire a shy, but special, young woman?


The rebels of Heaven, thrown down to earth,
as Poor Shepherds styled are, t' accommodate
the small, and slyly accost he who rules.
To support, from their rent, quarried places,
the computer prodigy Harry Shields,
rude hacker hijacked on prison release
by diabolical priest, Rev'rend Haunts,
his special flesh to some repurpose put.
Haggard odyssey of recovery
opposed is by Krill Linkmaster, failed scribe
of entrail-soaked science fiction, and his
discovery, the band, Pagan Onslaught,
their plan to persecute bloody tyr'nny
on Terminal City. Complicated
are these ends by actors hard and hearty:
the nordic queen Anga, resurrected,
Nithroc, corpse-like Lord of Evolution,
U.F.O. Gods arrived, and most of all,
she who touches all, Summer Anderson,
young harbinger of renewal in one.
The hidden hand of Lucifer we see,
in signs, against whom Robert Hunger leads
the ex-angels to soundings undeduced.


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