Evil Ape: An Epic Verse Novel

The Saga of Terminal City No. 6


Evil forces threaten the blue ark of Earth. Change is coming, but will it be for good or bad? Of history’s relentless march partake, in Evil Ape.


The fruits of earth, those that bud, good and bad,
or indiff’rently, rich temptation are
to them in star-heights or hovels dwelling.
To distant pastures are they called: the foe,
of sky-scraped immensity, his pursuit,
those of game-able gist, hardcore train-mates,
and he, in augmented, upright glory,
the fearsome Ape, who conniving concocts
these events. To epoch-evolving springs,
in green glens, his loathsome Ape armies troop
where also those monitors, ex-angels,
embark, aided by artisan allies,
an ancient breed, the thumb-thimbled tailor,
and meddles too fatherly CEO’s,
with stakes in mutable technology.
Predictable ruin if life-beds are lost,
a leaf-toothed visitor from other worlds
intones, and of the people launches two,
new Shepherds to be in upcoming times,
while to space again most actors return,
there to slug out, and embed, new life-lines
—though forward points the will of fate, new earths,
with new men, to come in founded chapters.


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