City of Cruelty: An Epic Verse Novel

The Saga of Terminal City No. 5


When a new Satan arises, the Poor Shepherds and their allies must race to prevent his reign. Will mourning or celebration be in store? Find out in City of Cruelty.


When avatars of evil, of acts willed,
and those which of gene and earthquake arise,
are, by noxious third party, union-bound,
(who was with stables of creeping ink ringed)
it will, in quarters of the proud city,
a backlash pique. Arise there living stars,
who medicinal dances make, inmates
of prisons, both mad and in pre-change states,
who will to wife all souls take, sovereignly;
also, on that high day, the blighted heir,
and those who crimes conceal will be washed clean,
as from all points heroes and angels glide,
while walk loose trees, sentient slimes and chaps.
But in cavities deep, a mewling dunce,
from split skull in charged cloud makes a bit stew
(wove cords networked out), massaging the day,
as over him forces fight, virtually.
The cousin of man, shaved ape, convert will
to review, as belly-born, the new Beast
his roll takes, and waits, as civic regimes
an end find, before their new flowers plant
(though other friends of heinous acts foes seek,
and find, in ex-angel Robert Hunger).


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