Anti-Cop: An Epic Verse Novel

The Saga of Terminal City No. 4


What happens when the devil has a daughter? Experience the clash of good and evil as the fate of Terminal City hangs in the balance.


The devil a daughter has, gestated
in strange ways by scraps of infected sin.
What hell she heralds: the wayfaring Clowns,
who from secret islands pour, to subject
and ape the orderly world. Against them,
in free arms, the cop Drayton Dreyfus stands,
while otherlings their aims in stack pursue:
the Accuser of Man, Satan's second,
plots proudly; the rich man's son D'Arcy Ash
solace seeks when in debt to Dead Jules Hart.
The dwarf, the revenant, the earthly squid,
agendas all that are in sequence played
to civic doom--counterpoised also by,
furtive echoes of, the Poor Shepherds' ploys,
that are spritely done. But the Bride, life's spouse,
in stately rest, a sacred space maintains,
a fulcrum that angelic forces tap,
that will Clown warfare oppose, and satchels
by wizards made long time ago. All this,
and more, will to resolutions be brought,
where orphans, closet lurkers, and ired wives,
nuke-armed ants, and Nithroc the Night-Raven,
will the righteous cop his fortitude test.


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